Ubuntu System Card (Overo only)


8GB Ubuntu System Card

Ubuntu System Card (Overo only)

Ubuntu - Linux operating system
Get up and running with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for ARM on Overo™ and OveroSTORM™ series COMs using this 8GB microSD (Class 10 ).

Featuring Robot Operating System (ROS), Linux Kernel 3.5 and the LXDE Desktop Environment, Linaro 12.11 brings unparalleled flexibility to Gumstix-powered devices.

Highlights and Features in Linaro 12.11:

  • Linux Kernel 3.5
  • ROS Groovy, including new features such as Thread safety, Simplified API, and True library class introspection
  • LXDE Desktop Environment
  • Standard Ubuntu tools, including apt-get package manager for easy system configuration
  • Chromium web browser
  • Abi Word™ and Gnumeric office applications

Image can be downloaded from: Binary Image

*MicroSD cards are not compatible with Compact Flash devices.

Included Components
Lexar 8GB Class10

Lexar 8GB Class 10 microSD Card for Overo, Overo STORM and DuoVero classes of COMs

Key Components
Mating Connectors
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