Ubuntu System Card (Overo only)

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8GB Ubuntu System Card

Ubuntu - Linux operating system
Get up and running with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for ARM on Overo™ and OveroSTORM™ series COMs using this 8GB microSD (Class 10 ).

Featuring Robot Operating System (ROS), Linux Kernel 3.5 and the LXDE Desktop Environment, Linaro 12.11 brings unparalleled flexibility to Gumstix-powered devices.

Highlights and Features in Linaro 12.11:

  • Linux Kernel 3.5
  • ROS Groovy, including new features such as Thread safety, Simplified API, and True library class introspection
  • LXDE Desktop Environment
  • Standard Ubuntu tools, including apt-get package manager for easy system configuration
  • Chromium web browser
  • Abi Word™ and Gnumeric office applications

Image can be downloaded from: Binary Image

*MicroSD cards are not compatible with Compact Flash devices.

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