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Provides RS232 serial connection for programming or robotic configurations - connects in between verdex pro COM and 60-pin expansion board

If backordered, we will only be accepting orders for our verdex pro product line if volume is above 50 boards. The processor and memory components are approaching EOL. Please send an email to if you require more than 50 boards and if you are interested in a possible drop-in replacement.


Use extensively by programmers during the development stage. Usually sandwiched between a gumstix COM and the console or breakout boards.

Included Components
tweener board



3.5V - 5V

RS232 Serial Ports



Built with components rated 0C < T <85C

Key Components
Maxim Integrated MAX3232 Transceiver

Enables true RS-232 performance from a 3.3V supply.

Mating Connectors
Header GS (60pin no posts)

This 60-pin Hirose connects the verdex pro COM to a 60-pin expansion board.

60 Pin Header (Verdex Pro Expansion Boards)

60 pin Hirose header with posts to connect Verdex Pro expansion boards to COMs.

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