Gumstix Verdin EdgeAI


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Neural Nets on the Edge

Combine the Toradex Verdin IMX8MM computer on module with the Google Coral M.2 Key B+M Accelerator, Gigabit Ethernet, and more to bring your AI product to the edge.

Gumstix Verdin EdgeAI Barrel ConnectorEthernet

Gumstix Verdin EdgeAI

This carrier board for the Toradex Verdin IMX8MM COM provides an m.2 key-M card slot designed for the Google Coral accelerator card, enabling high-performance AI processing.

The Gigabit Ethernet connection delivers maximum bandwidth for streaming data, while the inclusion of MIPI CSI2 and DSI connections further increase the scope of the board's applications.

Further features include: * USB debug console access * I2C, UART, SPI, ADC and PWM pin headers (Unpopulated) * USB * MicroSD slot

Included Components
Gumstix Verdin EdgeAI

Uses Toradex Verdin iMX8M Mini as its COM/processor.

Functional modules include: USB-UART microSD slot USB Micro-B Jack Camera Connector (CSI-2) M.2 Key M Connector Ethernet Connector

Powered by a Barrel Connector (20V 3A).


10/100/1000 Base-T

MMC/SD slot

microSD card slot


Quad-core ARM® A53


4 GB 64-bit LPDDR4

USB Device

Micro B USB Plug

M.2 Compatible

Compatible with the M.2 PCI-SIG standard.

Barrel Connector

Industry standard barrel connector

Key Components
RJ45 Jack with Gigabit Magnetics

RJ45 Jack with Gigabit Magnetics

Micro B USB Plug

Micro B USB Plug

microSD Card Slot With Isolated CD Pins

Micro-SD Card Connector [Würth Elektronik] 693071010811 Micro-SD Card Connector

2.0 mm 20V DC Power Jack

2.0 mm 20V DC Power Jack

DF30 Series 24 Position Dual Row 0.4 mm SMT Board to Board Receptacle

DF30 Series 24 Position Dual Row 0.4 mm SMT Board to Board Receptacle


Connect to an RS232 serial terminal over USB with the FTDI FT232RQ interface

Mating Connectors

Please read the instructions in the README file carefully before starting. Instructions and functions are explained in the file.

Files that are needed (such as bootloader and operating system) to create a bootable disk image, are available below.

Our Support page links additional resources.

Software Version:

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