High precision GPS board

The Pre-GO PPP (Precision Geolocation) uses U-Blox Precise Point Positioning algorithm to give high accuracy geolocation without external computational burden. The antenna is onboard.

Use with a Raspberry Pi running rtklib, the u-blox NEO 7P GPS/GLONASS receiver provides the raw data output required for centimeter-level accuracy.


The Pre-GO PPP: High precision GPS with onboard antenna

This board provides a raw data feed for rtklib -- and can get you centimeter level GPS accuracy. That alone is compelling. The U-Blox Neo-7P GNSS module also includes their proprietary PPP (Precise Point Positioning) solution for your location-aware project, delivering decimeter-level accuracy without taxing the host processor.

Running rtklib on a host processor, such as many of our Gumstix COMs, or Raspberry Pi, or BeagleBone, makes this product ideal for surveying, cartography and geodetic applications. Precision geolocation in a 30x24mm form factor.


Pre-GO modules can connect to any host board with an available UART connection. Logic levels are at 3.3V, and the board is powered by the 5V supply; however, by removing and replacing a jumper resistor, the board can be powered by a 3.3V source.

The GPS antenna is on the board; look at our other board with an SMA connector instead to allow external placement of an antenna.

Customization alternatives

A Geppetto designer has the choice of including a header on a custom-design that connects via 5-pin cable to one of these PreGO boards as shown by these examples. Alternatively, the GPS module can be placed directly on a board.

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PPP from u-blox, for precision in clear-sky applications without the need for a reference


30 mm W


21 mm L

5-pin GPS Connector

Raw GPS data suitable for rtklib processing

Key Components
UBlox Neo-7P GPS Receiver Module UBlox Neo-7P GNSS Receiver with PPP and raw data output Specs
DF13 R/A 5Pos 1.25mm SMT 5 position R/A connector for UART (DF13 series) Specs
Mating Connectors
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