Pepper 43C Handheld Development Kit (4.3")


Pepper 43C Handheld Development KIt (4.3") is a Pepper 43C based handheld development kit that runs Android or Yocto Project Linux and provides everything needed to prototype on the world's most popular operating systems.

This dev kit features the TI WiLink 8 combo-connectivity module (Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.1 + BLE and the Newhaven 4.3" Capacitive Multi-Touch LCD touchscreen.

Pepper 43C Handheld Development Kit (4.3") BluetoothEthernetLCDWiFi

Pepper 43C Handheld Development Kit (4.3")

This Gumstix 4.3-inch Handheld Development Kit has all the hardware you need to get started with your own handheld application. It features a 4.3-inch LCD capacitive multi-touch screen, audio in/out, push-buttons and more. At the heart of the system is a WiFi/Bluetooth-enabled Pepper 43C SBC running Yocto Project Linux or Android, providing handheld developers with the world's most popular mobile operating system.


This kit includes:

Optional: For users preferring not to use a wall adapter, this kit works with an external battery (not included). The battery must be between 5.5V - 36V and its cable should fit into a 2-cell JST XH balance connector. Examples here.

Customize Your Board

The Pepper 43C included in this kit is available in Geppetto for you to make it your own. Swap the 4.3" LCD connector for a 5.0" or 7.0", add WiFi or LTE connectivity or strip it down to the bare essentials. Make it the board you need with Geppetto's easy to use drag-and-drop interface.

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Included Components
ethernet cable 6 ft ethernet cable 6 ft CAT-5
USB Cable (micro-B to standard-A) USB Cable (micro-B to standard-A)
Newhaven 4.3-inch LCD with capacitive multi-touch NewHaven 4.3-inch LCD, 480 x 272 pixels, capacitive multi-touch
Pepper 43C package Contains the Pepper 43C board, a u.FL collar with Antenna, a box and a label
Android microSD for Pepper 43C 8GB microSD card flashed with Android image to boot Pepper 43C boards. Contains the following files: Boot partition files - uEnv.txt, u-boot.img, uInitrd SPL Bootloader - MLO Root or System filesystem tarball - system.tar.bz2 [Android] Data filesystem tarball - userdata.tar.bz2
Lexar 8GB Class10 Lexar 8GB Class 10 microSD Card for Overo, Overo STORM and DuoVero classes of COMs
Pepper System Card (Yocto 8GB) Pepper System Card (Yocto 8GB)
Access Point Mode



4.1 + BLE


Geppetto-built SBCs and expansion boards only


10/100/1000 Base-T


LCD Capable

LCD Manufacturer

Compatible with Newhaven Displays

LCD Size

4.3 inch

LCD Touchscreen

Capacitive multi-touch screen

Storage Expansion

via microSD Card Slot

USB Console Port




Key Components
U.FL Antenna with Collar U.FL antenna with collar for Bluetooth and/or 802.11b/g/n wireless communications.
microSD Card Slot An onboard card-slot for system storage expansion using microSD cards. Specs
8 Channel Bidirectional Level Shifter IC XLATR VOLT-LVL 8B BDIR 20QFN
Texas Instruments TPS62111 Step-Down Converter A low-noise synchronous step-down DC-DC converter. **Component Max Vin:** 17V, 1.5A. Specs
FTDI FT232RQ USB UART Interface Connect to an RS232 serial terminal over USB with the FTDI FT232RQ interface Specs
TI WiLink8 WL1831 The certified WiLink 8 module from TI offers high throughput and extended range along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coexistence in a power-optimized design. Specs
DDR3L 512MB 16bit DDR3L 512MB 16bit Specs
Sitara Processor 800MHz AM3354 800MHz
Stereo Audio Codec Low-Power Stereo CODEC with 10 Inputs, 7 Outputs, HP Amplifier and Enhanced Digital Effects Specs
Mating Connectors
U.FL Connector Attach a U.FL Wi-Fi or Bluetooth antenna (not included) to a Gumstix system with this connector.
Hirose 40Pos FPC/FFC Connector CONN FPC/FFC 40POS .5MM HORZ SMD, Bottom Contacts
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