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Janus is an Interposer board with USB-Serial console access.

IMPORTANT: This version of the Janus Board is deprecated because it mates only with Overo COMs using the discontinued AVX connectors, manufactured before January 2020.

Overo COMs manufactured since January 2020 use Panasonic connectors. If interested in a version of the Janus with a Panasonic connector, contact us.


The Janus™ expansion board sits inline between an Overo COM (or Overo STORM series COM) and a Stagecoach, Pinto, Thumbo or Tobi Duo expansion board, and provides a Serial-over-USB port for accessing the Overo COM console.

With a footprint very close to the Overo COM (the USB connector sits vertically outside the COM footprint), the Janus board can be used to debug many expansion board settings where a console port on the expansion board has not been configured.

Included Components
Janus Interposer Expansion Board

An interposer board with USB-Serial console access, Janus™ sits between an Overo COM and a Stagecoach, Pinto, Thumbo or Tobi-Duo expansion board to provide the USB console port for serial access.

Board-To-Board Connector

2 x 70-pin AVX connectors


58.3 mm W


22.5 mm L


Powered via expansion board (Overo series or custom) connected to dual 70-pin connectors

Product Family


USB Console Port


Key Components
USB Mini-B Jack (Vertical)

Vertical mount, thru-hole. Overo series: USB console port for serial programming. Verdex Pro series: can be used as USB host or USB device.

Mating Connectors
70-Pin AVX Connectors (Female – Overo Expansion)

Connect an Overo COM to an expansion board with these 70-pin AVX connectors.

70-Pin AVX Connector (Male – Overo COMs)

Connect your Gumstix Overo COM to an expansion board with these 70-pin AVX connectors.


Please read the instructions in the README file carefully before starting. Instructions and functions are explained in the file.

Files that are needed (such as bootloader and operating system) to create a bootable disk image, are available below.

Our Support page links additional resources.

Software Version:

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