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AeroCore for DuoVero with GPS

Image: AeroCore for DuoVero with GPS
Thumbnail: AeroCore for DuoVero with GPS
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Developed in conjunction with Stanford University Aero/Astro graduate students Robbie Bunge and Andrew C. Smith, the AeroCore from Gumstix offers everyone from enthusiasts to educators the opportunity to power their very own micro-aerial vehicle. With an ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller running NuttX RTOS and an integrated connection for award-winning DuoVero series computers-on-module, AeroCore gives users a complete Linux installation on a PX4-compatible platform.

Download User Manual Download Technical Specifications

Download Block Diagram Download Technical Specifications

Documents updated: July 7, 2014

GPS antenna included

2 x 70-pin Hirose DF40 Connectors

70-pin Hirose DF40 Connectors (Expansion side)

24-Pin Header

8xPWM Outputs

40-pin header

GPIO/Breakout and Power

6-Pin Header

Cortex-M4 SPI Breakout


3-Axis Accelerometer + 3-Axis Magnetometer




U-Blox NEO-7M GPS Receiver


3-Axis Angular Rate Sensor

Length 96.5 mm

ARM Cortex-M4 Microcontroller


USB Micro-AB Connector

Weight 30 g
Width 50.1 mm
Key components

Connect to an RS232 serial terminal over USB with the FTDI FT232RQ interface.

spec sheet
Memory (SPI FRAM 1MB 1.8V)

Memory (SPI FRAM 1MB 1.8V)

spec sheet
MS5611 Barometric Sensor

A high resolution altitude and digital atmospheric pressure sensor accurate to within 10 cm.

ST L3G4200D 3-Axis Gyroscope

Low-power three-axis angular rate sensor able to provide unprecedented stability of zero rate level and sensitivity over temperature and time.

spec sheet
Texas Instruments SN65HVD232 CAN Transceiver

Designed for use with Texas Instruments DSPs with CAN controllers and equivalent devices. Provides differential transmit and receive capability at speeds up to 1 Mbps.

spec sheet
Texas Instruments TPS62111 Step-Down Converter

A low-noise synchronous step-down DC-DC converter. Component Max Vin: 17V, 1.5A.

spec sheet
Mating connectors
2 x 70-Pin DF40 Connectors (Female – DuoVero Exp.)

Connect your Gumstix DuoVero expansion board to a COM with these 70-pin DF-40 connectors.

spec sheet
Links to manufacturer's specification sheets are provided for reference.
Comparable parts might be substituted in manufacturing.
Further hardware information (I/O pinouts, Benchmarks, schematics and more)

Gumstix innovative products are designed to work together to deliver a great computing experience while accelerating development and time to market.

DuoVero Expansion

Interposer for the DuoVero

DuoVero COMS
DuoVero™ Zephyr COM
802.11b/g/n Bluetooth

OMAP4430-based Gumstix DuoVero computer-on-module (includes OpenGL and DSP) runs at 1GHz with 1GB memory. Includes W2CBW0015 WiFi and Bluetooth module.

DuoVero™ Crystal COM

OMAP4430-based Gumstix DuoVero computer-on-module (includes OpenGL and DSP) runs at 1GHz with 1GB memory.

Custom Solutions
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Gumstix' Verified Design Consultants (VDC) »
Everything you need to get started right out of the package:
AeroCore DV Kit - AeroCore for the DuoVero experimentation Kit
  • Yocto Project

The DuoVero series supports Yocto Project software images. As the principle build system for our products, the Yocto Project and its images offer the best support for Gumstix hardware features.

Bootable microSD cards with this image installed can be purchased as an accessory, or downloaded free of charge and installed on any microSD card.

Each AeroCore for DuoVero with GPS comes with:

Image of AeroCore for DuoVero with GPS
  • AeroCore for DuoVero

    MAV control board featuring an integrated Cortex-M4 microprocessor and NuttX RTOS.

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