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Angstrom System Card (Overo)


Boot from a microSD with pre-installed Linux

Use this 8GB microSD to boot using a standard Gumstix flavor of the Angstrom distribution for the Overo(tm) and OveroSTORM(tm) series.

Built using the OpenEmbedded development environment and with access to the online packages, you can customize this software using opkg.

Notable packages in Angstrom:

  • Enlightenment window manager
  • opkg package manager for easy system configuration
  • standard linux tools including python, X11, & VNC server
  • media applications ( Cheese and Gnome-mplayer with OpenGLES acceleration)
  • internet applications (midori internet browser,  pidgin )
  • office applications (abiword, gnumeric)
  • recent x-loader, uboot and linux kernel (currently 2.6.39)

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