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The highly successful robotics board from Gumstix. Designed from the ground up with the Gumstix robotics community, this expansion board has been used worldwide by everyone from students to experts in the field.

3V TTL Serial Ports 2
5V A/D convertors 8
5V TTL Serial Ports 2
60-pin connector


COM Mounting Holes



3.5V - 5V

PWM 6@5V

Built with components rated 0C < T <85C

Verdex Pro

In the Verdex Pro series

Key components
Atmel ATmega128 Microcontroller

Atmel 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller with 128KB of programmable flash memory.

Mating connectors
60 Pin Header (Verdex Pro Expansion Boards)

60 pin Hirose header with posts to connect Verdex Pro expansion boards to COMs.

spec sheet
Other connectors
Power Jack

The CUI PJ1-022 power jack is the standard jack for all Gumstix 4.0 V and 5.0 V wall adapters.

spec sheet
Links to manufacturer's specification sheets are provided for reference.
Comparable parts might be substituted in manufacturing.
Further hardware information (I/O pinouts, Benchmarks, schematics and more)

Gumstix innovative products are designed to work together to deliver a great computing experience while accelerating development and time to market.

Remote Data Collection Kits
Remote Data Collection Development Kit
Digital signal processor (DSP)

Development kit for Remote Data Collection featuring the Tobi and a TidalSTORM COM

Network Appliances Kits
MultiTouch Appliance Kit
802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth

Solutions kit for network device applications featuring a multi-touch display input

Remote Data Collection Kits
Overo® Breakout pack
Digital signal processor (DSP)

Overo WaterSTORM COM, Pinto-TH expansion board, cables (USB), 2GB microSD card with 5V US power supply

verdex pro COMS
verdex pro™ XL6P COM

Marvell PXA270 @ 600MHz, 128MB low-power DDR RAM, 32MB NAND Flash

verdex pro™ XM4 COM

Marvell PXA270 @ 400MHz

verdex pro™ XM4-BT COM

Marvell PXA270 @ 400MHz with Bluetooth wireless communications

Wall Adapters
5V US Power Adapter


5V UK Power Adapter

5V UK Power Adapter

5V EU Power Adapter

5V EU Power Adapter

Custom Solutions
Build it with Geppetto »
Build your own: Schematics »
Gumstix' Verified Design Consultants (VDC) »
Everything you need to get started right out of the package:
No packs available
  • Yocto Project

The Verdex Pro series supports Angstrom software images.

Bootable microSD cards with this image installed can be purchased as an accessory, or downloaded free of charge and installed on any microSD card.

Firmware for the ATmega128 microcontroller on this expansion board is pre-installed. Users can modify and re-flash this firmware.

Each robostix comes with:

Image of robostix
  • robostix board

    robostix waysmall sized board only

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