DuoVero™ Crystal COM

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OMAP4430-based Gumstix DuoVero computer-on-module (includes OpenGL and DSP) runs at 1GHz with 1GB memory.

Double up on processing cores while keeping the same tiny footprint. The DuoVero Crystal offers a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor and twice the RAM of its predecessors, alongside SGX540 graphics for stunning 1080p HD video output and SLR-like image processing up to 20 megapixels.

Included Components
Spacers (1.5mm 0-80 retaining 48/48) spacers: symmetric 48mil PCB with 1.5mm between
DuoVero Crystal COM (board) GS4430C DuoVero Crystal COM
DuoVero Yocto System Card (8GB) DuoVero Yocto System Card (8GB)
Flash Memory (NAND)

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Graphics Acceleration

integrated POWERVR™ SGX540 graphics core


For OEM design, refer to pubs.gumstix.com


Up to 2,500 Dhrystone MIPS


Powered via expansion board (DuoVero series or custom) connected to dual 70-pin connector.

Power Management

SmartReflex™ 2 technology


Dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP4430 Digital Video Processor

Processor Architecture

ARM Cortex-A9

Processor Base Clock

1 GHz


1 GB


Built with components rated 0C < T <85C

Key Components
Heat Sink For mounting on top of the POP memory stack on the DuoVero COM to dissipate heat. Specs
microSD Card Slot An onboard card-slot for system storage expansion using microSD cards.
Texas Instruments TWL6040 Audio Codec The TWL6040 Audio Codec offers a high level of integration providing analog audio codec functions for portable applications. Specs
Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 Processor 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore OMAP 4430 processor offers symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) with hardware accelerated 2D and 3D graphics, 1080p HD video performance (2D), 720p stereoscopic 3D video performance (3D), and 20 MP main camera with 5MP stereo (dual cameras) imaging performance (per second). Specs
Mating Connectors
70-Pin DF40 Connectors (Male – DuoVero COMs) Connect your Gumstix DuoVero COM to an expansion board with these 70-pin DF40 connectors. Specs

Please read the instructions in the README file carefully before starting. Instructions and functions are explained in the file.

Files that are needed (such as bootloader and operating system) to create a bootable disk image, are available below.

Our Support page links additional resources.

2015-02-25/duovero/master/MLO MLO spl file generated by buildbot on 2015-02-25 for duovero from master
2015-02-25/duovero/master/u-boot.img u-boot.img boot file generated by buildbot on 2015-02-25 for duovero from master
2015-02-25/duovero/master/README README boot file generated by buildbot on 2015-02-25 for duovero from master
2015-02-25/duovero/master/gumstix-xfce-image-duovero.tar.bz2 gumstix-xfce-image-duovero.tar.bz2 tar file generated by buildbot on 2015-02-25 for duovero from master
2015-07-26/duovero/master/MLO U-Boot 2015.07 first-stage bootloader
2015-07-26/duovero/master/u-boot.img U-Boot 2015.07 second-stage bootloader
2015-07-26/duovero/master/README Build information about the assets for the DuoVero platform
2015-07-26/duovero/master/gumstix-xfce-image-duovero.tar.bz2 Yocto 1.8 filesystem running Linux kernel 3.18 for the DuoVero platform with the Xfce desktop environment