Gumstix Colibri iMX6 Development Kit

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Everything you need to get started with the Gumstix Colibri i.MX6 Dev Board

The Gumstix Colibri i.MX6 Development Kit contains the hardware and software to get your Toradex Colibri i.MX6 COM and Gumstix Colibri i.MX6 Development Board up and running.

Toradex Colibri i.MX6 COM not included

Gumstix Colibri iMX6 Development Kit BluetoothLCDWiFi

This bundle includes:

The Gumstix Colibri (iMX6) Development Board.

This SBC-like expansion board breaks out many features of the Colibri i.MX6 so you can test and develop your project with ease.


The Gumstix Colibri i.MX6 Dev Board provides the following headers:

  • I2C header
  • SPI header
  • 20-pin GPIO breakout header

It also includes:

  • HDMI
  • 4.3" resistive touch screen connector
  • ethernet
  • USB Host
  • audio in/out ports
  • bootable USB card
  • real-time clock
  • GPIO inputs and outputs.

Customize Your Board

You can modify the design, layout and features of the Gumstix Colibri i.MX6 Dev Board to fit your project's requirements with ease in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface

Customize Your Kernel

To get started customizing the Yocto image for this board or any Geppetto-created expansion board based on the Toradex Colibri i.MX6 platform, Please review the Toradex webinar on building images for embedded linux.

Updated sources matching those created in the webinar are available here.

Toradex Colibri i.MX6 COM not included

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Included Components
Newhaven 4.3-inch LCD with resistive touch

NewHaven 4.3-inch LCD, 480 x 272 pixels, resistive touch

USB Cable (micro-B to standard-A)

USB Cable (micro-B to standard-A)

Toradex Colibri Development Board

Toradex Colibri (iMX6) development board which includes HDMI, 4.3" resistive touch screen, ethernet, USB Host, USB OTG, audio in/out, bootable uSD card, real-time clock and GPIO inputs and outputs.

5V, 3.5A Power Adapter

5V power adapter at 3.5A for use in North America.

Colibri Development microSD

Bootable microSD card for the Colibri Development Kit

Access Point Mode





Geppetto-built SBCs and expansion boards only


LCD Capable

LCD Manufacturer

Compatible with Newhaven Displays

LCD Size

4.3 inch

LCD Touchscreen

Resistive touch screen

RTC Battery Holder

Holder for 6mm rechargeable coin cell RTC battery

Storage Expansion

via microSD Card Slot

USB Device

Micro B USB Plug




Texas Instruments

Key Components
U.FL Antenna with Collar

U.FL antenna with collar for Bluetooth and/or 802.11b/g/n wireless communications.

microSD Card Slot

An onboard card-slot for system storage expansion using microSD cards.

Connector (Power Jack Medium)

PJ-018H-SMT, medium size (1.65mm), fits EIAJ-2 plug

USB Standard A Jack

The USB Standard A jack allows a Gumstix system to operate in USB Host mode

Connector (Battery 6mm)

Rechargeable coin battery holder

IC (RTC 1.8V)

IC (RTC 1.8V)


Connect to an RS232 serial terminal over USB with the FTDI FT232RQ interface

TI WiLink8 WL1831

The certified WiLink 8 module from TI offers high throughput and extended range along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coexistence in a power-optimized design.

Crystal (32.768kHz TINY)


Mating Connectors
U.FL Connector

Attach a U.FL Wi-Fi or Bluetooth antenna (not included) to a Gumstix system with this connector.

Hirose 40Pos FPC/FFC Connector

CONN FPC/FFC 40POS .5MM HORZ SMD, Bottom Contacts

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