Retaining spacers 48 / 62 (blue) for DuoVero and Overo (50pk)

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Pack of 50 x 46 / 62 mils CONH0021 retaining spacers (1.5mm separation, 1.65mm holes). Suitable for configuration of Gumstix DuoVero COM or Overo COM with an expansion board of thickness 62 mils or less.

Pack of 50 spacers (CONH0021)

Each spacer, made of Nylon 6/6, fits between a Gumstix Duovero COM or Overo COM (thickness 48 mils) and an expansion board of thickness 62 mils.

Recommended by Gumstix for use in any product designed for a mobile or handheld application that uses a standard 62 mil thickness PCB. Four spacers secure each configuration.

Can be used in a customer product designed with a Gumstix DuoVero COM or Overo COM and a custom expansion board with 62 mils thickness and 0-80 hole diameter.

These retaining spacers create an inter-board separation of 1.5mm.

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