80-pin bus header (3 pk)

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for custom, 80-pin Verdex Pro expansion boards

80-pin bus header (3 pk)

Use this mating connector to build your own expansion boards.

This 80-pin connector [DF12(3.0)-80DP-0.5V] is for easy connections to verdex pro expansion boards.

It mates with the 80-pin connector [DF12(3.0)-80DS-0.5V] on verdex pro COMs.

There are 3 pieces per package.

Key Components
Mating Connectors
80-Pin Hirose Connector (Verdex Expansion Boards)

Connect your 80-pin Verdex Pro expansion board to a Verdex Pro COM with this header. (Hirose DF12(3.0)-80DP-0.5V)

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